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Music & Arts Ministry

The Music & Arts Ministry is to act as a vehicle to usher in the presence of God. It is to set and establish an atmosphere that is conducive to worship, enabling (a) the presence of God to move freely among the congregation and (b) each person in the congregation to experience Christ on a personal level. The music & arts ministry should serve as an enhancement to the worship service (Not distraction), preparing the people for the delivery of the Word of God.  

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Wired-Up Youth Ministry

MOMBC youth group is known as "Wired-Up Youth Ministry".  Our group's mission is to lead youth to develop a strong relationship with Christ and to equip them to lead a Christian life by teaching God's word, fellowshipping with peers, serving in our church and community, and developing godly leadership skills.


Media & Sound Ministry

The Media & Sound Ministry are an important and integral part of our church. These ministries not only play a role inside our church, but also outside the church as well.  We currently record and livestream all of our services. Currently, we record our services on CD. This gives an us the opportunity to reach people that might not walk into our church, but that want to hear the sermons that are preached here at MOMBC. Many of our members want CD’s to listen to, and often times we find them listening to sermons over and over again, which effectively allows them the opportunity to share the love of God with others as well as, with there loved ones.



Our purpose in MOMBC  Women’s Ministry is to enrich the lives of women by teaching them to be grounded in God’s word and to be all they can possibly be where God has them.  Whether this woman is a student, career woman, mother or a seasoned saint we want to equip her to fall in love with Jesus and allow that love to permeate every area of her life.

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Marriage Ministry (L.O.V.E)

Whoso findeth a wife findeth a good thing, and obtaineth favour of the Lord.

                                                 "Proverbs 18:22" KJV

iThrive Young Adult Ministry

Thrive Ministry is ministry committed to serving young adults from 18-30 and 31-45.  We seek to motivate young adults to be actively involved in ministry and the fellowship with other believers, while equipping them with life tools through the study of God's word.


Our Ministries

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